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Our family-run company has been operating since 1976; initially, it was located in an old warehouse not far from the home of the Parizias. Even the production process was different, since it focused both on peeled wood packaging and on sawn wood crates, that are no longer produced. Over the years we witnessed a significant development that, in 1982, required the construction of a 1,000-square-meter warehouse which, following a further increase, has now expanded to 6,000 square meters.

Obviously, our production has evolved as well: while, initially, the company worked with peeled wood and sawn wood, it ended up focusing on the production of plywood. After years of experience, PARIZIA SRL is able to satisfy the needs of an extremely varied clientele while maintaining the high quality of its products.

Our wooden packaging has the following features:

cassette frutta
  • High resistance to external agents
  • High resistance to handling
  • High adaptability to packaging, handling and logistics needs
  • Safety and economy
  • Rigidity, durability and functionality
  • Recyclability
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Why Choose Wood?

These are some of the Clients who chose

PARIZIA SRL Wooden Packaging to protect their products

The materials used for our
packaging are environment-
friendly, do not pollute
and do not harm the environment.
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