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Why choose wood?

Our wooden crates for fruit and vegetable products have the following features:

HYGIENIC: it is a natural product because it comes from a natural raw material which does not undergo any treatments and which, therefore, does not contain harmful chemicals;

FIRM: it prevents fruit and vegetables from being crushed, even if stacked at considerable heights;

ECONOMIC: it has the best quality/price ratio. So not only it costs less than other types of packaging, but it also ensures a much better performance;

BIODEGRADABLE: wood is a natural product, and it’s absorbed into the natural biological cycle, with zero pollution. Once the packaging has performed its main function, namely that of being a container, it is recyclable – it can become raw material for the production of wood-based panels, paper, compost, thermal energy or electricity when used as fuel;

PROCESSING: in the field of packaging, the wood never undergoes any chemical treatments. In addition, all the processes are mechanical and therefore do not produce pollutant, and waste products can be burned to generate heat or energy;

ENVIRONMENTAL POLLUTION: the disposal of both the processing residues and the various types of packaging does not cause pollution;

ENERGY SAVING: to process 1 kg of wood we need 500 Cal; to process 1 kg of PVC we need 9,460 Cal; to process 1 kg of aluminum we need 36,690 Cal.

Why choose wood? Why choose wood? Why choose wood? Why choose wood? Why choose wood?

A cycle-recycle

Wooden packaging for fruit and vegetable products, traditionally called “crate”, never ends up in the garbage. The Rilegno-Conai consortium focuses of recycling 100% of all wooden crates.

After its collection, the wood is recycled and transformed to produce chipboards for the building industry, thermoelectric power, etc.

The materials used for our
packaging are environment-
friendly, do not pollute
and do not harm the environment.
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