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Wooden packaging is made of a unique, sustainable and renewable material: WOOD.

Wooden packaging has always been a 100% eco-friendly and natural product, because it is built with rough poplar we grow ourselves in our poplar plantations. Once we cut a poplar, we plant a new one in order to start a new production cycle: this means no deforestation and no environmental damage.

Nowadays, we have all been interested in organic food, so why not also employ an eco-friendly packaging that allows our fruit and vegetables to be transported in a natural and hygienic crate?

Wooden packaging is natural, hygienic, biodegradable, easy to recycle and economic.

Choosing fruit and vegetables packed in wooden crates means supporting climate improvement, our planet’s health and economic development.

Our wooden packaging has the following features:

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  • High resistance to external agents
  • High resistance to handling
  • High adaptability to packaging, handling and logistics needs
  • Safety and economy
  • Rigidity, durability and functionality
  • Recyclability

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After years of experience and research, our company is able to customize the packaging by printing our Clients’ logos on it: a graphic designer creates the design for the mold, which is subsequently printed by us with non-toxic, biodegradable wood inks. We can also ask our partners in Spain to print it on the plywood planks.

We also have the Phytosanitary Certification, which means that our packaging can have the FITOK mark, often required in order to export fruit from many countries: this label indicates that we respect the international phytosanitary measures and that our products can be exported to ISPM 15 countries.

Our company is a registered member of the CONSORZIO LEGNO SUGHERO consortium and, on April 21st, 2006 it was granted permission to use the FITOK mark. We are also members of the CONAPIL consortium and of the RILEGNO and FEDERLEGNO associations.

We transport our wooden crates ourselves, by truck, therefore we provide a logistics service.

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The materials used for our
packaging are environment-
friendly, do not pollute
and do not harm the environment.
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